We Transfer Camcorder
& VHS Tapes To DVD

Get your precious memories on DVD today!

Straight Transfer of Video To DVD

Lose the tangled up video tapes and get shiny DVDs instead! East Kilbride VHS to DVD will take your VHS tapes, Camcorder tapes and put them onto DVD for you. Preserve your memories and never worry about tangled up tapes or cracked cartridges. Packages start at £10 per VHS tape of upto 3 hours long. This service is a straight transfer service which means that whatever is on your tape is what goes to the DVD with no editing at all. We can transfer VHS tapes/ VHS-C tapes/ 8mm Camcorder tapes and miniDV tapes (the tiny SONY Camcorder tapes). Please contact us about NTSC tapes first before ordering.

Your Special Moments on DVD

Now all those clips from your holiday can be put onto a neatly organised shiny DVD. Get your mobile phone footage and on DVD so you can enjoy your memories on TV. Preserve your memories and never worry about losing your footage when you upgrade your mobile/ or when it gets damaged, lost or stolen. If you are in East Kilbride you can pop in and we will take your footage to PC for transfer to DVD. If you would like to post in your memory card we can guide you over the phone or we can send you our memory card to use and send in to us for this service. Packages start at £20 per 1GB of footage. Call us on 07412126643 for more.

Custom Wedding DVD

Sometimes the situations/events are simply too precious and special to use our straight transfer service. For extra editing and effects in the DVDs contact us with your details so we can quote you on this premier service. Most people use this for weddings and milestone birthdays. This may include fully edited Hollywood style effects, fully printed DVDs and scene labels in the footage you get. Each DVD will be presented in a custom DVD cover with a printed DVD disc showing any image of your choice.

Send in service

If you are outside East Kilbride then simply send in your video tapes to:
Eastkilbridevhs2dvd.co.uk, 18 Whin Place, East Kilbride, G74 3XS

What others say about our service...

DVDs were lovely and the customer sevice very friendly. Would recommend. Thanks

Mrs Shiels, Coventry

Thanks so much! Give me your flyers I would like to recommend you to my work people.

Elaine, East Kilbride